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Mike Margolies Shadow & Fire photoarts

I’m not sure I wasn’t born with a camera. I know my earliest memories had me playing with one or using one. I’ve clear recollections of an old box type camera my folks let me play with. My favorite vacation experiences were taking wildlife photos. Not sure how smart it was for a ten-year-old to chase black bears in the woods.

I see the world through a somewhat distorted lens. I view life not only as what is there, but what it might be. For the last few years I have been experimenting with what I could do with great photos and distorting colors and lines. The end results are what you see in my work. This is just the beginning for me as an artist. I’m not sure we decide to become artist, I believe we are called. I can’t imagine life any other way today.

My day-to-day life is as a Sport Psychology Consultant/ Certified Mental Trainer®. I’ve been training Olympians, Professional, College and High School Athletes, Performing Artists and Executives since I was 21. My work with them has allowed me to step out of my own shadow and offer my Shadow & Fire PhotoArts to others. Free of the insecurities that

held me back most of my life, I can now share my visions with others.

Owl Transformation is my first major piece. It is printed on a 4’x4’ sheet of white Plexiglas. It can be lit from both the front and back. Drilled to be hung from stainless steel cables. The works in the background are printed on archival paper, metal and canvas. All my prints are all limited additions.

If you are interested in any of my work, please contact me. I do custom work for people. Creative Portraiture, Landscapes, Wildlife, Spiritual and other events. I’m not your normal event photographer but will add something cool to any event you want to remember.

Welcome to world thru my lens-

Mike Margolies