Mike Margolies will convince you to play the game within the game. The Athlete within You is waiting to come out. Maybe you just need to learn the rules! Mike helps people in sports and business not choke. Thousands of athletes have sought out Mike Margolies for over three decades to learn about the game within the game. He’s trained professional and elite athletes and helped guide many to World Championships and even the Super Bowl. Call on Mike when you want to be the best that you can be and the not thing you might be missing is the right Mental Game.

When it comes to being successful how well are you playing the Game within the Game? Want to be a World-Class Athlete in your business and personal pursuits? The same core principles (e.g. Motivation, Confidence, Relaxation, Visualization) that make stars of committed athletes, apply to developing true business acumen and success. Do you understand the difference between external and internal motivation? Do you know how to apply the right kind of focus to achieve goals? Do you have what it takes to stay the course in the tough spots and in the 11th hour? Ultimately, if we are to succeed with more control and under stress, we must learn that it is more important to be able to push our own button, than to rely on others to do it for us. Mental self-mastery has been the focus of Mike Margolies work as a coach, counselor, teacher, trainer, sport psychology and performance consultant for over 30 years. Athletes from professional football to elite level figure skating and every sport in between have been seeking out Mike Margolies as the Sport Psychology and Performance Consultant he is for over three decades for his expertise in helping them become masters of the mental game. He was training professional and elite athletes before he was twenty-two and has helped guide many to world championships and even the Superbowl. In the last 35 years, Mike has coached almost 3000 athletes, taught at four Universities and completed research at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. “By finding the inner athlete in all of us, whether we're on the field or court, on the mountain, in the water, or simply in the boardroom, Mike challenges athletes, sports enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike to find their inner game and strive for their personal best. Knowledge, teamwork, focus, and determination are definitely what it takes to compete in today’s rapidly evolving business climate. Survival of the fittest is the mantra for best business practices as well as athletes. Steven Kinsbursky, President Kinsbursky Brothers Inc.” Beyond working with high-level athletes, Mike has helped nationally recognized companies build great sales and project teams with the help of the same types of strategies he has used in working with sports teams. “The Athlete within You” is for all of the athletes and businesses out there working to achieve more, by using psychological skills training for success. Mastering the Mental Game is what it takes and what this book is all about. Mike Margolies can be found at www.themental-game.com, Twitter @TheMentalGame and on Facebook. Edited by: Deborah Drake Cover by: Jon Knight

I met Mike Margolies when I was coaching in Colorado. I had a few athletes that had a chance to develop into World and Olympic Athletes. I was happy Mike was available to give my athletes the tools they needed to give their best performance. I was very lucky to be the coach of 1 Olympic Champion and 3 Worl Champions. Mike was a great asset to me in my sport; a confident mind is critical in sports and business.”
— Richard S. Callaghan, Figure Skating Coach Champions of America

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